"Joanne is a real go-getter in every sense of the word. Not afraid to get stuck in, she is a sales and business leadership professional, who helps organisations discover the best talent in the market, then integrate this talent successfully into their business. Joanne has strong skills in interviewing, candidate selection, relationship management and screening. Joanne is someone you want on your side as both a candidate and company!"

Tom O'Neil


“Joanne is not only an expert in her field, but in what is sometimes and far too serious and guarded industry she brings a welcome dose of humour and honesty. Joanne has proven that she can read the clients needs just as well as she can read the applicants suitability, and just as important the fit within the company. I am looking forward to dealing with Joanne again in the future!”

Tony Clendon

Tony hired Joanne as a Recruiter

"I found Joanne to be extremely competent and she thinks outside the square to find a solution. Joanne is determined to reach a satisfactory outcome to every challenge presented to her."

Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Hayden Searle

Hired Joanne as a Recruiter and hired Joanne more than once

"Joanne is an extremely successful business woman with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. I was so impressed with the way Joanne runs her business and interviews that I decided to implement some of her strategies and processes into mine. I would recommend Joanne Mckay to help take your company/staff to the next level of profitability and success. Joanne is an expert in the Recruiting industry with great attention to detail and real eye for talent.”

Great Results, Personable, Expert

Ian Turner

Hydro International & Nexgen Construction Supplies

Hired Joanne as a Recruiter

“Of the 4 staff I've hired through Joanne since 2005 only 1 is not here today. I wish I had the same stick rate for those I've hired myself. Joanne has an instinct for who will suit our team and is able to produce candidates who can not only perform, but just as importantly ‘fit’.There’s no bull shit, no padding and no excuses. Every time I’ve gone to Joanne I come away with a better idea of who and what I’m looking for and where I need to be pitching to get the right person. When I start looking for people to join us, Joanne is my first call.”

Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Steve Piner

Steve hired Joanne as a Recruiter and hired her more than once

"Joanne was used to find several top quality pro-active Business Development staff for a client of mine. Her outstanding success in finding several top candidates and weeding out the many 'others' saved the client a significant amount of time and hassle. Due to the outstanding quality of the people she found together with their new Sales and Marketing Manager her unique guarantee hasn't't ever been required... Joanne is a very competent businessperson who takes a seemingly complicated drawn out process and makes it easy and great value for her client. Her analysis of the culture and role and quality matching of the individual with a true hands-on effort is to be applauded.

Measurable, Profitable Sales & Time Management Training

Paul Tooley



“Joanne McKay is a true professional in an industry that lacks them. I must confess an aversion to dealing with Recruitment professionals. In the past, I've felt that the recruiter was focused more on winning the commission rather than filling the role with the best candidate. This does nothing for the candidate, or the client the recruiter is working for. With Joanne McKay, this could not be further from the truth. Joanne has an innate ability to match a candidate for a role, then offer expertise and experience to guide that applicant through the recruitment process. It's refreshing to work with someone who is no nonsense. Joanne tells it like it is and leaves you under no illusions as to what you will need to secure a role and explains clearly the expectations around it. As a candidate, that is enormously encouraging and supportive. As a customer, Joanne has your best interests at heart. I recommend Joanne to any business in the building industry, or candidate looking for a role within the industry. Having had first hand experience of her processes, I can say she acts with integrity, honesty and transparency at all times. While I'm very happy in my work, if anything should change in that regard, Joanne would be my first point of call.”

Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Jason Payn

Jason hired Joanne as a Recruiter